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You Can Create a Haven for Birds with the Right Landscaping

If you love birds and you love to work in your garden or practice creative landscaping, you can combine these passions to create real beauty around your home Do you remember when you were a child and your backyard was always filled with colorful birds? Do you wonder where all the birds have gone? You may be surprised to learn that you can attract the birds back to your property with some simple landscaping tips. Just by planting certain shrubs, trees and flowers you can create wonderful nesting areas that will provide shelter and food supply for indigenous birds. Some common species of birds are also great insect police. House wrens, brown thrashers, tree swallows, and orioles will eat their weight and more in insects.

And many of the plants and trees that attract these birds are also great at attracting people. Berry bushes, strawberries, cherries and crabapples will keep your birds and your family happy at the same time! The edible landscaping approach is best if you want to attract and keep the birds in and around your yard. Consider fruit trees, berry bushes, grain plantings, and plants with seeds or nectar. Birds also love natural water and although a bird bath can be wonderful, you can attract even more birds by establishing a pond or a water garden growing fresh shoots and plants in a combination of water and rock landscaping. Birds need to feel safe if they are going to nest and live in your yard, so you want to provide plenty of trees, deeper, larger shrubbery and tall grass in which they can take shelter.

Be sure you plant trees and shrubbery that will take your bird population through all the seasons. Evergreens and plants that grow all year are a great addition to your landscaping plan. Be sure you use appropriate pest killers on your plants and try to avoid anything that is too harsh or that contains toxic chemicals that may harm or kill your bird population.

Here are some ideas to get you started: Trees-pine, fir, juniper, cedar, spruce, chestnut, hickory, walnut, hazelnut, and oak. Grasses-Prairie grass. Fruit Bearing Bushes and Plants-Raspberry, blackberry, grape vines, plum, elderberries, apple trees, cherry trees, honeysuckle, mulberry, chinaberry, crabapple, snowberry, and chokecherry. If you are unsure about the planting conditions in your yard or where to position certain plants or shrubs to get optimum water and light, you can consult with your local garden club, or contact your local agronomy or agriculture department to find out about soil testing and plant management.

You can also buy soil test kits online for about $7.00 to $10.00.

Would you like to landscape your yard to attract birds? Learn everything you need to know about landscaping by visiting our web site: Landscaping


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