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What You Need To Know About Professional Moving Companies

Every year millions of Americans move from one part of their city to another or perhaps to another state. Increasing immigration to the US from China, India, Canada, and Europe means millions more are coming here from other countries. A smaller number emigrate to other countries. You may not see it everyday, but there is a lot of moving going on today. Where are people moving to within the US? According to a CNNmoney report, people are moving back into the cities. Many major cities have begun redevelopment projects to modernize neighborhoods that have been neglected and sunk into a state of malaise.

South Boston MA and Philadelphia PA are two urban areas that are enjoying rehabilitation. As Americans age, the move back to the cities and redeveloped older neighborhoods will only increase. Young professionals too enjoy the atmosphere and culture of the big city and being close to the heart of business in those cities. However, more than just moves to urban areas is happening. There has been a strong migration to the US south and West which has generated a huge demand for moving companies.

US Migration Patterns The US Department of Commerce produced an interesting report called the Domestic Net Migration in the United States: 2000 to 2004, released in April of 2006 (census.gov/prod/2006pubs/p25-1135 .pdf). It revealed migration patterns in the US but did not suggest reasons for the population movement.

Most interesting were the numbers of people moving to the Atlantic southeast. From the period 2000 to 2004, this region gained 1.2 million people.

In contrast, the New England area lost over 100,000 people. The mountain areas of the west grew by almost 2 million during that period. So, these stats show what is not apparent to us, that our population has been changing addresses. Typically, they're moving from Boston and New York to Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and the Tampa area. Florida grew by 200,000 during the 2000 to 2004 period.

Some cities however, such as New York have seen a net migration. The price of housing in NYC is behind this trend and many cities enjoying urban revival will undoubtedly see displaced residents fleeing the high costs in New England to move to cheaper digs in the south. As economic and business trends occur, people will move to adapt to their changing business and residential circumstances. Change then, drives the need for moving companies and moving services.

Billion Dollar Industry Every year, billions of dollars are spent in moving expenses including moving van rental, moving company hires, packing, and the obligatory changing of phone and cable services, addresses, drivers licenses, utilities services, disposing of personal belongings, and the purchase of items for life in the new location. Home rentals and purchases are no small financial matter as well. Mortgages are a key concern of many families moving. Many of these people require services from packaging and storage to container shipping to personal services as they prepare to relocate to a new city or state.

Few people move their own belongings today. They almost always hire a moving company due to the fact that friends and family may be aging or cannot get the time to assist with the move. At one time, moving companies simply provided packing and transportation of household belongings.

In days past, a moving company's task was simple. People tended not to move very far away from their current residence. Today, people are extremely mobile and with that mobility, comes issues that could be more important than the movement of household furniture. A few moving firms have progressed to offer complementary services that assist the relocating individual or family more successfully. Moving Services Many moves or relocations are made necessary when an individual accepts a new employment position in another city or state. The individual, their spouse and family are uprooted to take advantage of the new job and its opportunities.

When this happens, they will be seeking a competent moving company with a full range of relocation services. There are certain brand names in the moving industry that people recognize such as United Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines , Global Van Lines, Bekins, National Van Lines, and Sterling Van Lines, just to name few. From there, the van lines recommend their local affiliate. For some that might work, however many moves require special attention and services. If you're relocating from Boston to Houston, you'll want to ensure the moving company the Van Lines company assigns to your move, will offer the kind of care and attention you need. Some of the bigger local moving companies have relocation services and can help professionally with all the paperwork you may need for International moves.

An international move isn't something you would entrust to a small local moving company. The logistics and customs documentation need to be done by someone experienced in International shipping. The personal side of moving is no small matter. It is one of the major reasons why people don't move and live in one location most of their lives. The anxiety and stress of moving across country can sometimes lead to health problems, depression, job loss and financial crises.

Good moving companies will have personal relocation services to help you deal with all you'll confront when you move. From real estate and mortgages to school registration to local utility service installations, they have contacts that make your transition to your new home city and state a little less stressful. Look for a moving company with these credentials and services and you'll be glad you made this effort.

With moving a lot easier for everyone, people using professional moving services will enjoy their move across town in Boston and New York or in other US locations. When it comes to moving companies, ask questions and takes names.

Humboldt Moving provides moving services in the New England area. From Boston to Hartford to Concord, Humboldt is a moving company offering storage, packing, logistics and moving planning, and relocation services.


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