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Walk Right In Handicap Bathtubs

Choosing bath tubs for the handicapped is a very important task. You will need to take a lot of factors in consideration when purchasing the bath tub. Accessibility and safety will often be your main points of concern. The features that you will need in the bath tub will be determined by the nature and severity of the handicap as well. These tubs are designed to allow for easy access, they are higher and deeper then regular bathtubs, but they usually have a seat where the patient can sit. This makes it very easy to enter and exit the tub and prevents slipping or needing to bend down to recline in the tub.

Walk in bathtubs can promote healing and usually include many features comparable to jacuzzis and hot tubs. Whirlpool features, massage sprays, and hydrotherapy can convert regular bath time into a time of intense therapeutic sessions that can help promote healing and relax stiff muscles. There are also showerheads that are affixed to the edge of the walk in bathtub that will allow you to easily take a shower while remaining in a seated position. These bathtubs have given freedom and convenience back to many people who for whatever reason were unable to bathe by themselves.

Safety features and design are the key to choosing the best bathtub for your needs. Locking gates, power seats, and easy access and exit points are features that will ensure your bathing needs are met in safety, comfort, and ease of use. These bath tubs were designed with the needs of the handicapped in mind and are created to meet the safety concerns of those who have limited mobility.

They come in a wide variety of sizes and depths allowing for a wonderful bathing experience, which may be hard, to obtain by those who have medical needs. Price ranges vary in walk in bath tubs, but they are typically very comparable to the cost of a hydrotherapy whirlpool tub. They cost between $3,000-$6,000.

However, if you are purchasing the tub due to a medical condition or a handicap, it is possible that your insurance or Medicare may help cover the cost. You should contact your agent or caseworker to find out if this is a possibility. These bath tubs have revolutionized the way handicapped and the elderly take care of themselves and has given many the freedom to bathe without needing additional assistance.

Learn more about walk in bath tubs and options available when looking for a handicap tub at http://www.bathtubtherapy.com


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