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Things To Consider When Planning Your New Conservatory

Marking out the boundaries to get a feel for the space you need is always a good idea prior to calling in the professionals. Remember to consider the exterior space as well as the interior - solid walls will have a bearing on both. Positioning options may be limited, with most people preferring to build new conservatories to the rear of their properties. Which way will your conservatory face? Nothing is more influential than the direction your conservatory faces.

South-facing conservatories will receive more direct sunlight so will benefit from the fitting of extra ventilation, blinds and special climate control glass. North-facing conservatories make an excellent space in winter, so consider extra insulated glazing to prevent heat loss. The early morning sun is best enjoyed by East-facing conservatories; ideal for use as breakfast rooms; whereas the evening sky is best appreciated from west-facing rooms which make perfect dining or relaxation areas. Combined heating / air conditioning units are available which will ensure you can use your conservatory all year round ? just like any other room in your home. Conservatory styles There are many options from which to choose - Georgian to Victorian, lantern style to square, P-shaped or L-shaped - the most important thing is to ensure that the finished result complements the appearance of your house and garden and gives you a space which works for your family and your lifestyle. A professional Conservatory installer will be able to recommend the best shape and size for you and design a bespoke conservatory tailored to your individual needs.

To take the hassle out of choosing a conservatory and to avoid disappointment, we recommend that you: Shop around for a comprehensive quotes from reputable companies. Preferably, seek recommendations from friends, family and colleagues - someone will always know of a company that is both professional and competent. Cheapest isn't always best, particularly where conservatories are concerned, you tend to get what you pay for.

Look at example conservatories, so you can be sure what you're buying. Consider the best type conservatory for you - UPVC Conservatories are available in a range of colours and afford years of easy maintenance, whereas timber constructed styles may suit your property but are usually more expensive to install and maintain. Treat your conservatory as an extension to your home rather than just an add-on. Make sure the chosen size and style complements your house and garden and the way you want to use it. Always check with your local authority prior to building your conservatory. In England and Wales you will not usually require planning permission but it is always better to be safe than sorry!.

Global Windows offers a full service including Conservatories Doncaster design, Double Glazing Doncaster and information on planning permission approval if required. Installation os carried out by one of our own experienced teams who operate to standards set out by the Code of Practice developed by the Technical Committee of the British Plastic Federation Windows Group.


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