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The Dangers of Using Air Conditioners

The reason behind the invention of an air conditioner is the sweating summer. Not only it cools the atmosphere, but also it dries the indoor atmosphere by removing the humidity from inside by its dehumidification system. Like similar other technological advancements, it has the also brought some problems with its numerous advantages. Allergenic Dangers Those having an asthmatic and allergenic tendency can easily get purified air. Pollen, mold spores, and dust can cause allergic and asthmatic problems to us.

An air conditioner filters them properly. But it would have an adverse effect also, if the air conditioner is not maintained timely. Pollen, fungi may have come through an unclean air conditioner which lets millions of microorganisms to come into the room, causing asthma attacks, irritation of the eyes and throats and sometimes flu-like illnesses.

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis, also called allergic alveolitis can be a serious issue. The inhabitants will face problem in breathing due to this kind of disease. Colonies of microscopic organic dusts grow in the large air conditioner. When you inhale the air it can cause asthmatic problems. Timely maintenance can reduce this occurrence. The air filters are to be checked at the regular intervals.

In case of air conditioner using disposable air filters, just do not forget to change them at the right time. For the inbuilt one, vacuum the air filter and wash it by the soapy paper. A clean filter is unlikely to cause any allergy-borne illness. Fat Fear Researchers are of the views that air conditioner imposes a danger of making us fatty after a considerable period of time, because ultimately it would be an abnormal regulation of temperature. As such our bodies do not need to work extra adjusting the temperature and the fat inside our body does not burn. And we grow fat.

Threat of Global Warming The refrigerant, CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) used in the air conditioner is harmful to the leakage of the ozone layer causing Global Warming. We are cooling our rooms, but at the same time we are warming the atmosphere by the incessant usage of this refrigerant. And it is our moral duty to keep the surrounding environments clean. Therefore a recent legislation has been passed against the usage of this compound in the air conditioner.

Recently HCFC, hydro fluorocarbon is used in place of the CFC. This new compound is not that much fetal to the global atmosphere. Whenever you are going to buy an air conditioner, be sure to purchase one with 'NO CFC' tag.

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