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Steps to a Successful Renovation Project

Proper planning when it comes to a renovation or remodeling project can be the key to keeping your sanity. Even the smallest renovation project can be stressful, but the kitchen and bathroom can really put a strain on everyday life since they are the two most frequently used rooms in the house. In most homes these days, the house will have more than one full bathroom, but you will only have one kitchen for cooking and food storage. A renovation project can impede on every aspect of your daily activities, so not planning for that can be a big mistake.

In many cases, you may have to set up a temporary working kitchen in an adjacent room just so that you can keep some normalcy in your house. Not every situation will be the same, since you don't want to do any unnecessary construction or demo, so consult with a contractor before starting your project. Even if they are not in use, many times a kitchen or bathroom is not the ideal size to work in. This often requires bringing in the things you need or creating a staging area in the next room. This could be the area for tools, supplies, and bathroom cabinet or kitchen cabinet assembly. Keeping a clear work area will prevent accidents, leave open space for workers, and improve the flow and time line of the project.

Once you have your plan in place and your work area established, it is time to focus on the materials you will need. The goal of every renovation\remodeling project should not only be to improve it's daily use, but also add value to your home. So why not save money while doing this? Shopping online to find the products you need will greatly increase your chances of finding building supply items at a lower price. It does not work for everything.

Lumber for example will never be cheaper on-line, because it's just not practical. Flooring and cabinets however, are great products to compare online. So why not take the easy way out and just go buy everything at one of the big box stores? Online stores have much lower overhead; therefore their prices are greatly reduced. Furthermore, many times websites will carry a better quality product as well. These sites often have access to better products and can buy these products at a savings that is passed to you.

So a key to any remodel job is comparing pricing and saving that money for something else around the house. Every penny you save is adding value to your house, so shop wisely. Not every homeowner is going to be able to do all the work themselves, but any part that you can handle, and not have to source out to a contractor, will be adding equity in your house and saving you money on the construction project. Good luck with your renovation project.

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