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Seven Gift Ideas To Give Your Home The Personal Touch

It's time to get personal with gift ideas for your home. Even if you're giving everyday items, there's no reason why they have to look like all the rest. Actually, giving personalised gifts is a great way to show that you have made an extra effort making an occasion special for the person who's receiving the gifts. It can be tough to get the right gift, though, so here are some great gift ideas for around the house to get you started. Photo Canvases Many people decorate their rooms with framed photos and hang artwork on the walls.

However, there's also an exciting way to combine them both and give unique Christmas, anniversary or birthday gifts. It's called the photo canvas and it is one of the most popular gift ideas around at the moment. As the name suggests it's a canvas, but with your photo printed on it. The higher the quality of your digital photo, the better the quality of the finished print.

Canvases are available in many sizes, and they are a great way of using your best holiday snaps for decoration. If you've got a photo of your loved one on a Caribbean beach or Greek island, what better way to give a personalised gift than to make that photo into a piece of art? It keeps that the moment in time fresh forever. Is it time to give your lounge the personal touch? There are lots of photo gift ideas to help you do that. For example, you can give the standard cushion a facelift by imprinting photos of the whole family.

Cushions are available in different sizes and shapes, so for best results, choose a photo that matches the size and shape of your cushion. You don't want your group of three turning into a group of two because the photo is too wide. Anniversary Gift Ideas For an anniversary gift, why not consider a personalised mug? Some mugs simply feature a photo, while others reveal the photo slowly as the mug heats up. If this appeals as a gift idea, then choose a photo that blends well with the colour of the mug.

There are other gift ideas for around the home. You could get a photo mouse mat for your work desk with your favorite photo? Or consider a photo fridge magnet or set of coasters? These photo gifts are both affordable and unique, giving you the best of both worlds. Finally, there are some photo gifts that you can use in any room of the house – roller blinds. Many roller blinds are available in a few standard neutral colours such as beige or magnolia.

But there's no reason for you to stick in that rut. Instead, you can use your own existing photo – or take one specially – to make each room in your home slightly different. You'll enjoy being able to look at your favourite people or scenes every day, and it turns a wasted space into another display space.

These are just a few examples of photo gift ideas for your home, but options for using your digital photos for home decoration are expanding all the time. Copyright (c) 2007 Mark Beevers.

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