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Reasonable Alternatives For Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have become must to breathe in a healthy atmosphere. But everyone cannot really afford to install an air purifier in their house. So don't they have the right to live in a pollution-free environment? The modern technology has a room for all. No one will remain deprived from the new innovations. Therefore a convenient and suitable alternative for the air purifiers has also been devised and put largely into use. You can enjoy more or less the same effect within the limitations of the size of your pocket.

Special allergy filter - Special allergy filter is one of the simplest and economical medium of purifying the air. - You have to simply use the filter in your air system and in turn the filter will evacuate the dirt and dust present in the air which a normal filter in inefficient to carry out. - 3M Filtrate Ultra Allergen Reduction is a type of special allergen filter.

This is very easy to use. Now if you compare it with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) air filter you will definitely find stark difference. They are poles apart is cost and quality. Nonetheless the 3 M Filtrate is quite effective in keeping your indoor air pollution free. - Another top name in the list of low priced but efficient allergy filter is Precisionaire NaturalAire Micro-Particle.

- Both the special air filters are at least 8-10 times less than the cost of HEPA air filters. - You can easily avail them at $8 and at the most the cost can rise till $25. Superior types Well though the discussion has begun with low cost substitute for air purifiers but also take a look on the other side of the coin. There are air purification systems superior to conventional air purifiers and the expenses may bit differ. The rate is slightly more.

- Overbed air purifier is one such type that comes in the shape of a tube. It rises from the floor and extends till the bed you sleep on. Finally it is attached to the pillow. Thus you are allowed to take in fresh oxygen even in your sleep. It's really hype. Technology can just do anything.

- The Halo Pure Night is a specific brand of overbed air purifier. As described above the configuration of this air purifier is exactly the same. It has a combination of pre-filters and HEPA filter.

- And the price is not so high that it becomes beyond the reach of many. If you are ready to spend $500 at a time you can get an protective asset for lifetime. Think thrice but don't delay to introduce the mechanism of air purification in your home.

Every inhalation is putting a risk on you life. Don't play with it.

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