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Preparing To Move Home

Moving home can be a particularly time with so much to organise and remember, especially on the day of the move itself. The more planning you do in advance, then the smoother your move should go. Please read the following tips on preparing for your move so that come the big day you are ready. Draw Up A Plan Of Your Home Draw up a plan of your new home and clearly label each room. This will help your movers get to know the layout of your new home and to ensure they put each item or box in the correct room. Packing & Unpacking Decide well in advance whether you are going to do the packing and unpacking.

If you want your removal company to arrange this for you then check that they offer they service and be prepared to pay extra for it. If you are going to do your own packing then get together as many strong containers and boxes as possible. Do not overfill them and clearly mark what is in each box and to which room in your new house it should go to. Dismantle Furniture Dismantle self-assembley furniture, take down any curtains and any other fittings you are taking with you long before the removal company arrives. You want to be ready for when they arrive to start packing the lorry or van immediately. Any kind of delay could lead to extra charges for exceeding the agreed hours.

Attics & Lofts Ensure that all items from your attic and loft are packed and moved down into an accessible room. Removal teams will not always go into attics and lofts and having to do it on the day may result again in extra delays. Important Documents Keep all important documents, especially ones relating to your new house, seperate from your packing.

Keep them with you at all times and never load them on the removal van or lorry. Kitchen Appliances These should all be disconnected/cleaned/drained/dried/defrosted where required in advance of your move. To avoid damage, the drums of automatic washing machines must be secured with the proper brackets supplied by the manufacturer.

Clothing Sometimes items of clothing can be moved on their hangers as removal companies can often provide special wardrobe cartons for packing and moving. Also chests of drawers containing clothes can sometimes be moved without unpacking but check with your removal company first. Electrical Items Where possible store electrical items in the boxes that they came in. The record deck and the pick up arm of your record player should be secured for transit in accordance with the manufacturers instructions before the moving team arrive. Breakable Items Items such as China, glass,ornaments and books can be left in cupboards or shelves if you have the items being packed by the removal company. Otherwise take care to wrap breakable items in newspaper and pack carefully using polystrene chips or paper shreddings to help protect the items.

Be careful not to overpack books as these are often heavy when in bulk. Foodstuffs Ensure that all foodstuffs is packed and stored so that no spillages will occur. Be aware that foodstuffs are not allowed into storage. Garages & Sheds Items from your garden and shed should be cleaned and prepared ready to move. Tools should be safely fastened so that they don't come loose.

Flammable products are not permitted to be carried for insurance reasons. Moving Plants Wrap up your plants in newspaper to protect them during the move. Once in your new house place them in a warm place and do not unwrap until the moving process is completed. Personal Items Make up a box of things that you will need for when you arrive at your new house (kettle, tea bags, mugs etc) and ensure that you transport this rather than the van or lorry.

This means that once you arrive at your new house you will be able to get your hands on what you need without having to search for and through boxes.

Guide-to-Moving helps you take the stress out of moving by offering advice on all you need to know ahead of your big move. For more information please visit http://www.guide-to-moving.com.


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