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People Foods Are Fatal For Your Dog

Usually, most dog owners take good care of their dogs and they are pretty careful about what they feed them. When it comes to feeding your dog at your dinner table, though, there is much to be considered such as how sure are you that what you are feeding your dog is good for it? It does not matter if you feed your dog from the dinner table only on occasion or on a regular basis - there are dangerous "people" foods that should never be fed to your dog because some of these foods are like poison to your beloved dog. Feeding your dog should be a careful affair. You should know that every morsel that you feed it is nutritious and safe. You can only do this by reading the labels of your dog foods, plain and simply. Here are some of the things to watch out for when we are dealing with "people" or table foods: - Acidic foods are bad for your dog and should not be offered to him.

Acidic foods can destroy his GI track and eventually result in illnesses such as panting, restlessness, vomiting and panting. - Grapes are terrible for dogs and kidney failure has been documented in dogs that have ingested this fruit so stay away. - Onions are also extremely poisonous to your dog as they affect the balance of red blood cells in the dog's body. - Coffee has been known to increase the heart rate of your dog.

This can result in your dog suffering from GI track problems and seizures. - Ibuprofen is deadly to your dog. It is the second leading cause of canine poisoning in the world. Make sure you put this drug away from the reach of your dogs as they really love its fragrance. - Chocolate is bad for your dog's health because it contains caffeine. It increases his heat rate and causes seizures.

- Always be sure to keep your animal away from rat poison. This is the world leader in canine poisoning and can be prevented if we take care to ensure that the rat traps are not where your dog can get at them. Feed your dog properly and leave the "people" food to the people. Select a dog food that contains proper nutrition, is balanced and is prepared just for canines. If you have any doubts about what you should be feeding to your dog, check with your veterinarian for a professional opinion and then follow what your he says to the leather. Even an occasional something from the table can be poison to your beloved dog.

In My 5 Years Experience, I Noticed Most Dogs Aren't Healthy Due To The Food They Consume. To Learn More About Dog Food, Snatch My Free Guide On Best Dog Food Secrets That Most Dog Owners Will Never Know & Why Dogs Shouldn't Eat Human Food.


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