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Organizing Your Move

Moving is one of those things that we all have to do in our lives. I know of no one who enjoys the process of having to pack up all of their belongings into boxes, haul them across town or across country, and then unpack the whole mess. But a little organization can go a long way to helping you keep your sanity during this crazy time. Label every box with at least the room that it goes in and the basic contents of the box.

If time permits, also have a fairly complete inventory of what is inside of the box. This can be especially helpful if you are moving across country or if you are having movers move your items. The best way to do this is on your computer so that you can tape a copy to the box and also keep a copy with you. This way you can make sure that you definitely get all of your boxes from the moving company. If you do not yet have one, this is also a great way to create your inventory of the items in your home for home insurance purposes. So organizing this aspect of your move can also help you get other aspects of your home and life better organized as well.

As you put stuff into boxes, ask yourself if you really need this item in your life. If it is something that you don't use, don't like, never wear, ask yourself why you are packing it up and hauling it to a new home. If it isn't being put to good use now, why take the effort to haul it to a new place where it will also not get used? Moving is a great time to get rid of things you don't use and is a great first step in helping you get your new home organized. Have an "open first" box for critical rooms in your home. The two I would definitely recommend having "open first" boxes for would be the kitchen and the bathroom. Put all of the things that you know you will immediately need into this "open first" box.

For the bathroom, I recommend having at least toilet paper, hand soap, and towels in this box. Any toiletries that you know you'll need right away should also go in this box. For the kitchen, I recommend having at least plates, cups, silverware and knives. Put anything else in that box that you know you'll want to have access to right away. If you're a bear without your morning cup of java, having the coffee pot, filters, and coffee in that box can be a lifesaver! If you have children, having one "open first" box of favorite toys for each child is also useful.

Jill Seader is a master at organization. With over 10 years of experience in organizing offices, Jill brings that experience home, literally. Get useful home organization tips at her website, YourHomeIsOrganized.com.


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