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Nothing seems to stop my baby from crying

Feeling frustrated and stressed is very normal for a parent who has a baby that won't stop crying. Especially when you feel you have tried everything you can and they still keep crying. What is it they want? How can you respond appropriately? To begin, feed your baby on demand, yes on demand. If you were hungry, how do you think you would feel? Would eating change your mood? Then feed your baby when they are hungry. Feeding on demand does not create spoiled children.

Of course don't automatically assume that your baby's cries indicate that he is hungry. Just give the baby your breast and see what happens. If he still cries, check his diaper and if that's not it, then try some of the following: Speak Gently: Try speaking softly and gently or even better, try singing. Your baby will recognize the tone of your voice and will respond to it. Even if you are a little off tune, baby won't mind. Research has proven that many babies enjoy the sounds of female voices but that does not mean daddy can't give it a try too! Relaxing Strokes: Sometimes babies cry because they just want to be comforted.

Maybe they've woken up abruptly or something frightened them. A nurturing stroke can make a world of difference. Try holding baby and gently stroking his back. Make a Move: Absolutely! Get up and try moving around. Babies love motion as it reminds them of being in utero.

But what kind of movement? You might try walking, rocking, jiggling or swaying. Swaddling: If you are not sure how to swaddle, ask your pediatrician, a nurse or experienced mother how to swaddle the baby. For many infants, being wrapped tightly in a blanket makes them feel safe and secure. "Shushing" Sounds: Many babies are soothed by white noise. Some things to try: a washing machine, electric fan, vacuum and humidifier. It is important to be sure the "shushing" sounds are as loud as your baby's crying.

Fresh Air: Try going outdoors. For many babies just being outside in the fresh air can soothe. Maybe it's the sounds of the birds, the wind or the sun, whatever it is, many babies will calm by being outdoors. Maybe this will even calm you, too.

Have a Break: Have you been trying and trying to soothe your little one to no avail? Try giving dad, grandma, grandpa or even a good friend a try. They may have their own unique way of helping baby to calm and quiet.

Wondering how you might comfort and soothe your baby? Find infant massage resources, information and ask all your questions about infant and children’s massage. With over a decade of service to children and families, Tina Allen, founder of leading children’s health and nurturing touch organization


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