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Moving to Oakland California

Oakland, California is located on the east side of the San Francisco Bay. To the west it offers 19 miles of coastline and to the east you can view splendid rolling hills. You will be pleased if you find your new relocation in a place that has some of the most beautiful views in the world, such as the clear Crystal Bay, the Oakland Bay and Golden Gate bridges, and the magnificent Pacific Ocean. Oakland's landscape is a mix of charming hillside neighborhoods; exciting and diverse architecture; a bustling waterfront; two lakes; and more parks and open space per capita than any other city in the Bay Area.

This is primo real estate and a great place for relocation. If you are moving to or finding relocation in Oakland California -- you will find the year-round vacation weather, with its temperatures in the mild 50's and 60's in the winter and spring and 70's throughout summer and fall, easy to live with. If you are moving or relocating to Oakland, California - you will find that it has a metropolis and a small-town feel in all of its real estate. The community is sophisticated with a neighborly feel. If you are relocating to Oakland because you are looking for real estate with value you will be pleased with what you find in the Oakland, California real estate market.

The real estate market offers a wide variety such as established residential neighborhoods, prosperous commercial districts, first-rate sports teams, and noteworthy architectural landmarks that will help make your relocation to Oakland a success. If you are moving to Oakland -- which is in Alameda County, you'll find the community is rich with history, beauty, shopping, and many cultural events. History of Oakland -- Founded in 1852, Oakland, California has a rich and deep history that goes back further than its 155 years. Native Americans lived in the region for more than 5,000 years. The Spanish found relocation in the area in the 1770s, and settled about 50 years later.

Then, the Gold Rush brought in a great diversity of people from Asians to African Americans, and many with Northern European extraction, who moved to the area and put down their roots in this pioneer real estate. Real Estate and Neighborhoods Oakland -- is a network of communities, and the real estate is rich with old-fashioned neighborhood shopping districts. If you are considering moving or finding new relocation to this area you may want to check out Oakland's many commercial districts. And, Oakland's real estate is full of appealing neighborhoods.

Old Oakland Located between Clay and Broadway - from Seventh to 10th Streets, historic Old Oakland is full of stylishly restored Victorian buildings that date back to the 1870s. This is truly beautiful real estate. Old Oakland boasts new house shops, galleries, and restaurants. On Fridays, you’ll find the Friday Farmer's Market. This area is also has a revival of the historic 1870's downtown with a carefully restored main street. This real estate is alive again with shops, restaurants, spas, and offices.

They are all in a Victorian setting that evokes the era of the Railroad. Chinatown -- Chinatown is a 25-block commercial and cultural district, and it reflects Oakland's diverse Asian community. The Chinatown Street Fest attracts 100,000 visitors annually, and the Oakland Asian Cultural Center is one of the largest Pan-Asian cultural centers in the United States. Many Asians have found relocation in this great real estate community and continue to see relatives moving here. Also, the neighborhood has many specialty shops, restaurants, markets, bakeries and attractions.

In addition, visitors to the downtown neighborhood will find fascinating stores that carry fresh produce, live seafood, healing herbs, and everything from chopsticks and to porcelain. You'll find many of these things at Pacific Renaissance Plaza. Who wouldn’t want to find relocation here in Oakland? Jack London Square This neighborhood and real estate market offers dining, lodging, shopping and top-notch jazz, along the water's border.

In addition, if you are moving here you might enjoy raising a mug at Heinhold's First and Last Chance Saloon. The waterfront boasts dozens of stores and just by moving a few streets east, you’ll run into the warehouse district. This nine-block area has a wholesale produce market, coffeehouses, restaurants, and residential and commercial lofts. Lake Merritt - Another neighborhood with wonderful real estate is Lake Merritt.

Here you might decide to join joggers for the best view of Lake Merritt. The lake is one of America’s most stunning urban saltwater lakes. In addition, it is the oldest national wildlife refuge. The real estate in the Lakeshore/Grand Avenue area is lined with restaurants and shops.

Built in 1926, the Grand Lake Theater still shows the most up-to-date movies, and even features moving music, which is played on an antique Wurlitzer organ. North Oakland In North Oakland -- you’ll find Piedmont Avenue, where the real estate is an eclectic mix of vintage and antique shops, boutiques, bookstores, and jewelry stores. If you are thinking about moving to this area or finding relocation, please note it is full of side walk cafes and coffee houses and top-of-the-line restaurants that offer eclectic cuisine. Rockridge - This real estate combines city sophistication with a hassle-free suburban/urban environment.

The real estate extends more than two miles from Oakland to Berkeley. College Avenue is rich with restaurants, bars, specialty shops, gourmet foods, rare books, clothing, and antiques. Market Hall houses a bakery and sells produce, fish, flowers, and has wine markets. Many businesses have found this to be a great relocation. Favorite shops include: Pendragon Fine Books, Loot; Ildi & Co. a gift store; Poppy Fabric; and the Thelma Harris Art Gallery.

Also, you might want to let the kids run free as they are moving about in Rockridge Kids, a popular toy store. If you are considering moving or finding relocation to this charming area with great real estate, you will certainly find a lot of real estate to choose from. Montclair Village - This is at the bottom of the East Bay hills, making it a grand stop before or after a trip to Chabot Space & Science Center, or one of the nearby parks. The area features cafes, restaurants, and coffee houses (many with seating outdoors), and terrific shopping. Walk through this neighborhood's quaint streets and you’ll be glad you are considering moving and finding relocation here.

You might join the locals as you sip coffee, while whiling away your days on picturesque benches along the main thoroughfare. The Fruitvale District - This neighborhood has become a flourishing multicultural commercial area with a strong Latino influence. It is recognized throughout the Bay Area. Its cultural events such as the annual Dia de los Muertos Festival attract thousands of people. And, the new Fruitvale Village real estate has added retail and office space, and housing. All this surrounds a pedestrian plaza at the Fruitvale BART Station.

When you get hungry, stop in at one of the area's many taquerias. Downtown Oakland's business district - is home to many shops and restaurants. Some are in historic buildings with landscaped plazas and placid courtyards. Also, check out the Oakland Museum Sculpture Garden or purchase your favorite international paper at De Lauer's newsstand on Broadway.

All that’s left to do is sit back to enjoy a beautiful Oakland day. Piedmont Avenue Like - its longer counterpart, College Avenue, this busy Neighborhood Street in the northern part of Oakland draws many shoppers. Particularly known for its vintage and antique shops, this small stretch of commercial buildings and real estate is also home to specialty boutiques, gourmet food stores, restaurants, cafés, and bars. For a bite to eat after window-shopping, you might stop in at the ever-popular Piedmont Grocery, or treat the kids to a cone at Fenton's Creamery and Restaurant. It’s worth considering moving to of finding relocation in Oakland just for the ice cream. Temescal - In the heart of Oakland's northern residential district, this growing shopping real estate boasts a number of classic and historic buildings.

Genova's Delicatessen, a popular Italian deli, is one of the area's top dining experiences. This is great real estate, and if you are considering moving to Oakland, you might consider this neighborhood for relocation. Oakland’s Economy and Transportation Oakland's economy historically was based on industries. One of the first big employers moving into Oakland was the Southern Pacific Railroads. For years it had an iron grip on Oakland’s waterfront, because the railroad stopped on the Oakland side. Both San Francisco and Oakland are ports, but the Port of Oakland has become by far the prevailing port.

The Port of Oakland is the nation's fourth busiest container port in the Bay Area. The Oakland International Airport is served by 12 major domestic and international airlines, and Oakland has even whittled into San Francisco's airport business.

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