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Medieval Tapestry Add A Rich Flavour To The Interior Home Decoration

Tapestry is a piece of art designed on fabric made of cotton or yarn. Tapestries are used as wall hangings, cushions, throws and handbags. They are beautiful because of the attractive pictures woven on them. Tapestries come designed with various themes such as flowers with foliage, flower wreaths, flower bouquets, landscapes, coastal scenes, animals and wild life, romance, common man, life styles, social gathering, myth, historic events, works of legendary artists and famous characters of literary works.

They beautify home decoration making the appearance more attractive. They add aesthetic appeal to the outlook of any home. You can opt for different types of tapestries such as European tapestry, mediaeval tapestry, Oriental tapestry, Unicorn tapestry, Flanders tapestry, Oriental tapestry, Chenille Tapestry and several others. Mediaeval tapestry is designed with mediaeval themes such as historic events like the Battle of Hastings, William the conqueror and Duke of Normandy, and medieval arts of the 11th century. Most of the mediaeval tapestries are based on themes representing the early 13th and 14th centuries ? from the fall of Roman Empire to the 14th century.

These tapestries depict Gothic art with religious and romantic themes. They are intensely personal, human, and spiritual. Mediaeval tapestry is elegant and sophisticated.

Those who love mediaeval art form in their home décor, a mediaeval tapestry can add a rich flavour to the interior decoration. Mediaeval tapestry wall hangings are found in hotels, restaurants and churches. Mediaeval tapestries also come ornamented with silver, platinum, gold and other costly metals. The designs of mediaeval tapestry are entirely different from other tapestries. The European tapestries are based on the work of artists like Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh. European floral tapestries have only floral designs on them?single flower, flowers with foliage, wreath and bouquets.

There are also tapestries based on legendary artists such as Raphael, Verdure, François Boucher, Aubusson, William Morris, Beatrix, Potter Cicely and Mary Parker. Chenille Tapestries are designed and woven in traditional Flemish traditions. They are available in medieval, hunting, modern art, unicorns, chateaux and floral designs. Log on to www.tapestries-tapestry.com for more information on mediaeval tapestry.

It has a wonderful collection of mediaeval and other tapestries. All its tapestries are woven in Europe. It never compromises with the quality and standard in the materials and colors used.

It offers these tapestries at very competitive prices which will be easy on your pocket.

Jude is a well known author who write on topics related with European Tapestries, Mediaeval tapestry and Art tapestry for the site www.tapestries-tapestry.com.


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