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Many Uses For Landscaping Blocks

Many professional landscapers, as well as homeowners, are finding many new uses for landscaping blocks, such as retaining walls for flowerbeds or for terracing a hilly terrain. They are available in several sizes, colors and styles that finding one to fit into your landscape should not be a problem. Most of the landscaping blocks available today are designed for outdoor use, although some can, and are, used for interior finishes. For the same of this information, we'll talk about outdoor uses. A retaining wall, with proper engineering and design can provide a wall of landscaping blocks up to 50 feet high.

A wall such as this may be used on a hilly landscape where protection of dirt from erosion may be needed. The upper part of the terrace may be used for living space or a flowerbed. While several varieties of landscaping blocks are available, the one-sided block is best when used as simply a facing. This means that one side will be part of a hill or other material that it fronts. There are two-sided landscaping blocks available that are used when both sides of them will be seen, such as a single bull-nose block. This as a rounded end on both sides and may be used to circle a flowerbed or as part of a driveway lining.

Not All Landscape Blocks Are Square Different heights, widths and lengths of block are available to make every project using landscaping blocks fairly easy to complete. However, it is important to plan the project in detail before beginning. This also ensures you have all materials needed available when you start the project so you don't have to run out for more to complete it.

Using landscaping blocks in two different heights can give the appearance of steps, especially aesthetically pleasing around a slightly raised pond or flowerbed. They can also be used to surround a swimming pool or hot tub. Depending on the size of the block, what it is being used for and how high they are stacked, mortar may be required for added stability. Blocks stacked one or two high probably don't need any form of bonding, but any higher will need to be cemented together. Whether the landscaping blocks you choose are round, square, oblong or just about any other shape imaginable, the selection of earth tone color and durability can provide a handsome decorative landscape, which will last for many years.

For more information on landscaping blocks visit http://www.LandscaperBasics.com/ or http://LandscapingBasics.blogspot.com/


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