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Keep Your China Cabinet in Beautiful Condition

Do you appreciate your china cabinet? If not, perhaps you should. This item of furniture holds some of a family's greatest possessions, like china dishes that may have been passed down from one generation to another, perhaps even through several families over time. Other special mementos, like framed photos, prized silverware, or even collections of some type typically fill a china cabinet.

If you have one in your dining room, it may well be the center of attraction there, drawing everyone's eyes to behold its beauty when they gather for holiday, celebratory, or routine meals. That's why you want to take good care of this beautiful item to ensure it continues to hold valuable keepsakes and remain the focus of attention in your dining area. Begin accentuating this beautiful wooden piece by clearing the clutter from its shelves and interior. Move books, mail, or other non-essential things to another part of the house. Clean out the inside, too, moving equipment manuals, insurance policies, or children's toys from the interior and clearing the area for more relevant items. Then clean the cabinet from top to bottom, including the bottom and back.

Dust it carefully, and then look for stains or spills that require special attention. Use a furniture crayon to cover scratches, and consider the application of furniture polish to keep it gleaming and protected from future spills. Save the shelves for something of special significance, like a framed picture of your great-grandparents, especially if they were the original owners of the cabinet. Or you can feature a collector's ensemble of tins, plates, or other memorabilia that will catch guests' eyes. Of course, on the inside shelves you can settle your favorite china pieces, along with a drawer for the silverware. Arrange these in a sensible way so they won't tip or fall.

If you have glass doors on the top half of the cupboard, make sure the glass is secure, clean it if necessary, and stack visible items so they appear attractive and yet are secure. If all the china won't fit, feature the most often used pieces or those that are most attractive. Depending on the cabinet's style, you may be able to nestle a corner cupboard into a perfectly fitting nook of the dining room. A freestanding cabinet can go against any wall where it won't interfere with windows or vents. You may want to place a suitable dried flower arrangement, vase, or decorator accent on top of the cabinet, if it goes with your room's décor. A matching sideboard, if you have one, can go into the same room against a different wall, perhaps one that faces the cabinet.

You could get a matching dining room table and chairs, as well, for a complete ensemble. Your china cabinet, or hutch, as some people call it, makes a great focal piece for any dining room or eating area. Give yours considerate attention to keep it looking and functioning its best for years to come.

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