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Ideas for a Hot Tub Marbella

There is a fantastic choice when it comes to choosing a Hot Tub Spa as sizes vary considerably as regards how many people they can accommodate For example there are some that are just small enough for two to three people. Then there are some Hot Tubs that can seat eight people and others that can seat four to five people and those that can seat five to six persons. These can of course be big enough for ones family and friends or indeed just suitable for a couple.

A typical Hot Tub for two / three persons would be say 81" long and 55" wide with a depth of 30" or in metric terms 2.06M x 1.4M with a depth of 0.75M. This Hot Tub would hold some 190 gallons of Water (US) or say 720 Litres.

This type of Hot tub would probably have something in the range of 12 to 18 Jets with a two speed 2HP motor with a 2HP air blower. Moving up to say an Octagonal Shape a typical size would be 80" by 80" with a depth of 34". This would have the same pump configuration as the two seater referred to above but would accommodate 6 people and have a larger water capacity of some 400 US Gallons or 1,500 Litres.

One of the most popular sizes is a five seater with one lounger usually say a size of 82" by 80" with a depth of 32" and some times you can get a deeper version with a depth of 40" or again in Metric it would be some 2.08M x 2.01M with a depth of 0.79M and for the deeper version the depth would be just over one Metre. The standard size would hold some 400 Gallons US (1,500 Litres) and the Deeper Tub Some 425 Gallons US (1,600 Litres).

You can also get a designer shaped spa with a stretch lounger that will take five people and with a size of 79" by 73" it's slightly smaller than the one immediately above and you can see that in the water capacity is smaller at 300 US gallons or some 1,135 Litres. Also as one moves up the scale in the terms of cost you get more and more extras like a waterfall and neck / collar jets. This kind of size of Tub would have a 2 speed 5 HP motor and a 2 HP air blower.

In a brief article I can only refer to a few choices so I have restricted this to just a few Hot Tubs obviously the choice is a pretty wide one. In another article I will expand on some of the more exotic Hot Tubs with 98 and a 130 Jets and an underwater perimeter lighting system coupled with a 200 watt sound system that injects the Sound into the water coupled with additional speakers for the patio / terrace. Now one of the key questions has to be how one chooses the right Hot Tub. Well the answer in simple terms is to go out and try one and keep trying untill you find the one for you. As I have explained above the choice is very wide Some Hot Tubs offer multi-level seating for people of different body types.

Some feature comfortable built-in loungers oftem for one but sometimes for two. It's important to choose the Hot Tub for you the one that matches your own idea of perfect relaxation.

The author supplies premium quality Hot Tubs on the Costa Del Sol In Spain and his web site is at Hot Tubs Spain. You can see the Hydrospa range at San Pedro Hot Tubs.


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