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House Builders Acclimatise to Warmer Britain

Because of the potential for dramatic climate change, many home builders in Great Britain have had to rethink their way of building. The changes that can occur over the next several decades are a very serious factor to consider before building a new home. Some of the changes can be dealt with easily, others need to be looked at more closely.

Within seventy-five years, the average temperature could be as much as five degrees centigrade hotter in most parts of the region. For such a relatively small amount of time in the grand scheme of things, this is a huge increase in temperature. Also, precipitation can be anywhere from ten percent to twenty percent higher than it is now. However, this increase in wetness is only for the winter months. For summer and autumn, the precipitation will be lower and this will mean much drier months.

There is a potential for flooding because of rising sea levels. Some homes in the eastern part of the UK may have to be built like homes are built in Scotland, if these predictions come true. This idea of sturdier foundations is important, even for homes being built today. As soil erosion begins to take place around the countryside, even houses already in place will be put to the test.

So what current builders are doing wrong includes not keeping in mind the dramatic shift that will take place in our climate. Plan for the future by investing in the present. Builders cannot keep doing it the way they used to. By introducing simple cooling features within building plans today, like breezier walkways and aligning the axis of the house to block incoming sunlight, British home builders will help reduce the environmental impact of their homes today. By lowering the amount of energy used today, we can lessen the amount of carbon emissions and thus stop the climate change from ever taking place.

Government officials hope to have in place a policy that reflects this idea by 2016, making all homes carbon neutral by this time. It may not be completely possible, but home builders and owners, for that matter, should strive to hit this target as close as possible for everyone's sake. Another way to reduce carbon emission in a household is by building open shoots or shutter systems that allow warm air to pass upwards during the summer, thus letting out hotter air to save on air conditioning.

It is believed by some that air conditioning is harmful to those that breathe it. So not only does cutting out on AC help to improve those living in the house but also the entire planet by lessening the energy spent on such devices. Simple techniques like this can and will ensure less reliance on high energy and more efficient practices to lessen the environmental impact each and every home has on the world. It only takes a little change to make a big difference.

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