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Home Interior Decorating Anyone Can Do It

As with anything the process of decorating your home in order to make it look nice becomes much easier especially when it complements the fabric and architecture of the house. In relation to home interior decorating by applying certain wallpapers, or painting the walls, or selecting furnishings and fittings (lights etc) and by including small accent decorations to the rooms (paintings or prints) it will provide the house with a certain feel. There are many interior designers/decorators as well as some architects around who can provide a professional interior decoration service and you will soon see the difference between a home interior decoration and interior design. With respect to home interior decoration this specifically focuses on the finishing touches such as wall paper, window coverings (curtains, blinds etc.

,), furnishings and paint, whilst interior design is more involved with the architecture as well as room layout and other design parameters (cabinet making) that go into making a house a home. The idea of home interior decoration first found its place in late 18th Century Paris and London and the more modern home interior decoration was began by Jeanselme from Paris, Lenygon and Morant from London and Ogden Codman who was based in New York. Over the last few years the idea of home interior decoration has gone through many phases and trends and certainly the most current trend is for trying to find ways to decorate a home on a budget. With any home interior decoration scheme the whole idea is to improve the functionality of the home as well as reflect the owners taste and personality. In 2003 homeowners had spent about $175 billion to improve their homes and about 65% of this was actually spent on the interior decoration of the home. Certainly the latest trend when carrying out any home interior decoration is for people to spend money on expanding their kitchens and livening up their outdated bathrooms.

Also more emphasis is being placed on people creating a room for a specific purpose (family room, child's play room) as well as on areas for individual members of a family (child's bedroom, master bedroom). As with respect to colour schemes these seem to be undergoing a change also with more and more people looking towards more earthy tones and turning away from the vibrant colours of the past. More and more people seem to prefer blue and grey colours in all different shades against the dull reds and dark blues of previous years.

Certainly the more innovative home interior decorating ideas around that do not cost much but give the same impression as a more expensive and ornate scheme are the latest trend for new career professionals and young married couples. Often you will find that the focus relating to home interior decorating has changed from the more unique look of the 1980's to a much more functional and harmonized look. Over the last 15 years there have been some dramatic changes where home interior decoration is concerned and therefore for any good interior decorator keeping track of the latest trends is essential in much the same way that a computer geek will keep track of the latest hardware and software that has hit the market.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.a-kitchen-decorating-idea.com where you can get more home interior decorating tips for the kitchen.


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