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HEPA Air Purifiers Useful Facts

More and more we see on television, and hear on the radio, that we need to look after ourselves better. We are being bombarded with information on how to become fit and healthy so that we can lead long productive lives. Eating more healthy food and increasing the amount of exercise we do are just two of the most obvious ways we can improve our quality of life. One of the less obvious ways is to use air purifiers.

HEPA air purifiers are among the best and most useful purifiers available. A HEPA air purifier is the type that you should use if you suffer from allergies. These purifiers are great for hay fever sufferers and those who are allergic to household dust. Air purifiers are amazing electronic gadgets that work to extract all of the pollutants and irritants that can be found in the air of our homes. By forcing the air through a filter the air purifier can 'catch' the contaminants and expel only clean air for us to breathe.

HEPA air purifiers are amongst the most effective available and the only type you should consider buying if you have an allergy such as hay fever. Although HEPA filters are usually far more expensive that the cheaper purifiers which you may see for around $20 you will be surprised at how cheap they have become in recent years. Of course the cheap HEPA air purifiers only clean small amounts of air and are only really useful when used in a small room or when they are used as a personal air purifier (where it cleans only the air in your immediate vicinity). HEPA air purifiers are available in a massive variety of sizes right up to the huge industrial filters that cost thousands of dollars.

Choosing the best air purifier depends on a number of factors. The most obvious influencing factor is the size of the room in which it is to be used. The size of the room will determine the amount of air that needs to be processed.

Air purifiers usually increase in price as the amount of air that it can filter increases. Air purifiers that have HEPA filters remove about 99.97% (virtually all) material (such as pollen) found in the air of 0.

3 micrometers or above. As you can see from these figures they are incredibly effective but, sadly, the filters themselves can be very expensive and will, at some time, need to be replaced. As HEPA filters are expensive some machines also use cheap filters.

These cheaper filters are used to clean the air before it is processed by the HEPA filter. As the air is cleaner the HEPA filter has far less work to do to clean it and it therefore lasts longer and needs replacing less often. I am sure you are beginning to realize that spending your hard earned cash on anything but a HEPA machine would be rather foolish, especially if you have allergies to airborne substances.

Other cheaper machines can be great for removing unwanted smells such as tobacco smoke but if you really need to ensure that such things as pollen are removed you really do need the benefits that only a HEPA filter can give.

If you are interested in buying air purifiers then you may want to see our HEPA air purifiers


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