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Good Air Conditioning Mechanism Judging Parameters

In order to have a satisfaction about the surrounding environment an air conditioning device is required. Broadly it means any form of HVAC and disinfection mechanism that conditions the air. HAVC stands for heating, ventilating and air conditioning at one go. So, other than cooling the air, air conditioner circulates the healthy air in the room by its similar other inbuilt features. One needs to have the quality air conditioning system that depends on certain parameters. Air conditioners have been judged on various factors out of which two appear as the important varying determinants: the BTU and the EER.

BTU is the acronym for British Thermal Unit. A range of 5000 to 18000 units is available in case of a window air conditioner. The air conditioning capacity is directly proportional to the BTU, the higher the BTU, higher would be the capacity and vice versa.

As to what capacity of air conditioner you would have is being settled if you multiply the total square foot area of your room simply by 35. This no doubt gives you a clear indication of the required level of the conditioning capacity; it must be remembered that higher BTU means costlier air conditioning which may be out of the reach for the average consumers. EER is the Energy Efficient Ratio. It is another parameter to determine the amount of power to be consumed by the air conditioners.

Unlike the BTU, the EER is inversely related to the power consumption level by an air conditioner. If the air conditioner is efficient in terms of the energy consumed, the less would be the electric bills that you need to pay. Other than the BTU and the EER factors, several other restraints are there to judge a proper air conditioning mechanism. Some air conditioners are creating constant irritating sounds, while some other work silently.

So, this can be another quotient in deciding its effective value. Another important determinant is CFC. CFC stands for the Chlorofluorocarbons, one of the factors for the global warming and air pollution. It was used earlier in the air conditioners, but now, several substitutes (like HFC-134a, etc.) have been used in place of the CFC.

When air conditioners today have come with a tag 'No-CFC', it shows the substitute has been used and at the same time it purifies the air too. Last but the subjective point is the appearance. A trendy air conditioner is said to be in perfect blend with the home decor.

The exterior part varies to a large extent from user to user, but it is at some point makes sense, depending on the interior designing requirement, also.

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