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Find a roommate on a map

If you have ever tried looking for an apartment or roommate, you would know that finding a free apartment /roommate finder website is not an easy task. There are services and websites that claim they are free to use but chances are the moment you are ready to pull up the relevant details, you will be asked to enter you credit card details. What is equally frustrating is that you will probably end up wasting hours before you finally decide to use the yellow pages or read the classifieds instead. If you are looking for a shared apartment or roommate and have no idea how you can simplify your search, here are a few tips to help you find what you are looking for.

You can speed up your search by entering relevant keywords in Google and other search engines. For example, if you are looking for a shared apartment in Washington, use the keywords "Shared apartments Washington free listings" or "Roommate Washington free listings". Another option is using the craigslist database.

Craigslist may not look like the most user friendly database; but craigslist is the leading internet resource when it comes to jobs, apartments and housing. You can also use conventional media like newspaper classifieds to find apartments and roommates. Before you finalise anything, take a good look at the apartment and make sure you speak to the person you will be sharing the apartment with. It is not uncommon for people to run a background check on people they are planning on sharing an apartment with (there are numerous firms that can run background checks discreetly). If you are using the internet to find an apartment or roommate make sure the website you are using is truly free. Many websites have clever ways of acquiring your financial details; make sure you are not fooled into entering your credit card or banking details.

Try using websites that have a map based interface which is a combination of maps and databases. You can simply click and choose the area in which you want an apartment or roommate, and (thanks to Google maps) zoom down to the exact street if required. Make sure the website you are using has a combination of tools that simplify and speed up your search. Most websites use a combination of technologies to aid a user's search, so that apart from maps a user can search for an apartment based on the ZIP code, or simply browse through a database. Finally, one of the best ways to find roommates and apartments is by getting in touch with friends and family members.

Chances are, there is probably someone in your friend circle that can help you find an apartment or a roommate. You can also utilize the services of realtors to find apartments and roommates; however this should be a last resort. If you are looking for a 100% free website then visit http://www.JoLocate.com. The website uses the craigslist database and Google maps and has apartment listings and can help you find roommates as well.

Matthew Hillis the author of this article on roommate apartment . Find more information about roommates apartments listings here.


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