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Color Your World Change Your Mood

Is it time to re-decorate your family room or playroom? Do you need to paint the kids' room? There are many factors to consider before you just pick out a selection of colors and let the kids choose which one they like best. Parents, learn what to do and what NOT to do! First, make sure you know what you are painting over. Chip off a piece of the current paint and take it to your local paint store to determine if the paint is latex, oil or lead-based paint.

If the existing paint is lead-based, check with the local building codes in your area. They may require removal before repainting. If the paint is latex-based, you can simply paint right over it. If the existing paint is oil-based, you need to prime the room with one or two coats of a latex-based primer. Let the primer dry one or two days before applying your top coat. You may need to paint a second coat to get your desired color.

For the best results, use an oil-based primer if your top coat will be oil-based, or a latex-based primer if your top coat will be latex-based paint. Color: Can it really change your mood? YES IT CAN! Psychologists, Physiologists, Decorators, and Architects have all completed studies on how to use color to affect moods. Know you colors and create different moods in each of your rooms. White is pure and innocent. Too much white can make a room feel cold and empty but it can make a smaller room feel bigger with an open feeling. White with color splashes work well in smaller, less sunny rooms.

Black can give the feeling of power but can also feel aloof and evil. Depending on the room, it can be comforting or closed in. To use black, make sure there is plenty of lighting. Blue has shown to decrease blood pressure and aid in relaxation. Blue in the bedroom has proven to aid insomnia. Blue has also proven to increase thought processing therefore add it to your kitchen or home office.

It will increase your productivity but remain relaxed. GREEN connects with nature. It creates the feeling of relaxation and laziness. It can also slow breathing.

Use it where you want to relax. YELLOW stimulates the brain, speeds up metabolism and enhances concentration. With that said, yellow is also the hardest color for the eye to perceive, so without soothing colors to off-set the stimulation, it can be overpowering and create tension. People tend to become angry in too much yellow and babies cry more in a yellow room. PURPLE is peaceful and soothing.

It is also associated with wealth and romance. Purple occasionally is used to aid nervous disorders. Purple tends to sooth emotions and creates a peaceful feeling. RED stimulates stamina and vitality.

Red also can increase heartbeat, blood pressure, appetite and breathing. Red is often used for accent to add liveliness to a room. PINK has the opposite effect as red.

Muscles relax, and nurturing is brought out. ORANGE works as an antidepressant. It also boosts self-esteem. Orange also seems to aid the digestive and immune system.

BROWN often gives off the feeling of retreating but can also provide feelings of security. GRAY is becoming more popular with self-reliant and independent personalities. Parents know their moods and the moods of their children best. Personalities, timing and location must also be a consideration. Pick colors that will enhance your family experiences. Color really can make a difference!.

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