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There has always been and will always be a fascination with celebrity house's. People want to know how the rich and famous live and daydream about it. I admit, I am a person who loves to look at photos of celebrity houses and large mansions in general. I don't daydream about owning one, afterall, someone has to clean those giant places! Of course, for the amount of money that is spent on celebrity houses, I'm quite certain they have someone doing the cleaning for them. If I had millions, I would not doing my own cleaning either. In the meantime, I have to stick to scrubbing my own floors.

I find it very interesting and perhaps even a bit disturbing that there are some sites that list the addresses of many celebrity house. Sure, the public loves to gawk and drool but I'm not sure I would like the whole world to know where I lived if I was a celebrity. Many celebrity houses have excellent security and will not even allow the public to get any closer than driving or walking by.

Some generous celebrities have allowed photos or virtual tours of their homes that people can gasp over. I've "walked through" some celebrity houses online that simply leave me speechless. I cannot even fathom having the money to be able to build even a handful of the less extravagant celebrity homes I've seen. I can only imagine what their monthly mortgage payments must be.

Of course, they don't need to worry about things like that. Their bank accounts continue to rise while mine continues to deteriorate. While not all of us can afford the celebrity homes, they have a tendency to be in the same vicinity of one another. Celebrities are often times neighbors with other celebrities. Not that this is a huge shock.

I would want to live next door to someone who understands my lifestyle too. I was visiting Hollywood and Beverly Hills a year ago and spent an entire day driving past celebrity homes. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of someone famous - anyone famous, but had no such luck. I'm not sure what I would have done had I actually seen someone. They would have just heard me squealing as I drove by. Of course, when driving past these celebrity homes and driving in very ritzy neighborhood, we rented a very classy convertible to be seen in.

You know, just in case someone happens to be leaving one of those celebrity homes and wants to say hello.

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