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A Quick Quide To Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors is a beautiful way to enhance the beauty of your home. Start planning today to make the job less tedious and without unnecessary interuptions. There is nothing that irritates me more than poor planning. Be sure you have everything ready so once you start you will not have to make a trip to your favorite hardware store every 2 hours.

When Refinishing Hardwood Floors, the first thing you have to do is begin removing all the furniture, wall hangings, window treatments or curtains, and any closets connecting to the floor you are working on have to be emptied out as well. Be sure to use the floor cleaner and vacuum to get the flooring ready for the process of sanding. Now you want to cover any light fixtures with the trash bags mentioned earlier using the masking tape to help secure the bags. Cover any electrical outlets in the room with the tape as well. When it comes time to sand, you want to plug the sander into an extension cord plugged in an outlet outside of the room. Now is the time to remove the baseboards if you are going to replace them.

Once everything possible is covered and the room and any closets or cubbyholes emptied, it is time to block the room off from the rest of the house using the plastic sheets. You will want to use the masking tape to keep the plastic sheets closed on any doorway you will not be using. Be generous with the plastic sheets and leave a little room on each side, the top and bottom of the doorway, this will help in keeping the mess inside the room. Finally, open a window and put a fan in it blowing outwards. This helps keep the room healthy for you to work in. I recommend a box fan, as they are easier to clean and fit in most windows.

Doing this makes Refinishing Hardwood Floors a safer project. Be sure to move smoothly and not sit in one spot while sanding. Letting the sander sit in one spot to long while running will cause serious damage to your floor. Start out with a lower sander setting to help even the floor, and work up to the highest setting such as 120 to finish the sanding process. This helps with getting the floor even and smooth.

If you do the sanding properly, you will notice the grains or markings in the wood returning. A drum sander is recommended by many to do the sanding process, but be forewarned though it is very efficient and does the job quickly it can damage the floor if not properly operated. Always tilt the sander back until it reaches the desired speed before placing it on the floor.

This makes sure you start out with an even sanding. Start on plywood or some other wood you will not be using so you can get used to the feel of the machine. Once you can control the beast start in the middle of the room.

After you have finished sanding each time, vacuum the floor before starting again and at the end. Follow up with a dry clothe. It is now time to stain and seal or just seal your new floor. Be sure to check the drying times so you do not ruin the floors.

Congratulations, you just refinished your Hardwood Floors.

Get step-by-step do-it-yourself instructions for refinishing hardwood floors at http://www.household-helper.com. Household-Helper is your one stop solution to getting your home repair questions answered.


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