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Welcome to cescmonden.net. Finding the perfect condo and making the purchase can be a major endevor. But using Cescmodena can make getting into condo life easier!

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Condominium ground rules

Some condominiums prohibit pets of any kind. Others may prohibit the number, type or size of pets. All condominiums have rules governing the keeping of pets which if broken can lead to an order for the permanent removal of the pet from the complex. If you have a pet make sure you understand what the rules are.

Condominium Insurance

The standard coverage that is usually arranged includes the Building, Glass, Boiler and Machinery. Third Party Liability and Officers Liability. Each strata corporation has the right to make modifications the unit owner should determine what coverage is being carried by the Strata Corporation.

Condo News
What Is Fueling High Condo Prices?

As condominium prices reach never-before-seen heights, a debate is brewing over whether a fundamental demographic shift is driving the trend or whether this is simply the latest speculative bubble in a corner of the real-estate market that has seen plenty of them.

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There are three broad categories of home ownership: freehold, condominium and cooperative.

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